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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  June 17, 2016 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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♪ right now at 11:00, chilling new video from inside the orlando nightclub shows people hiding in the bathroom as the gunman goes on killing spree. tonight we hear from the man who recorded that video. what he remembers from those three hours of terror. and bucks county homeowner takes matters into his own hands chases down a would be thief and shoots him. why that homeowner could also be in trouble with the law.
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but first tonight, philadelphia becomes the first major city in the united states to pass attacks on sugary drin drinks. tonight how opponents are vowing to fight it. good evening, i'm jessica dean. ukee washington has the night off. after months of debate the philadelphia city council passed the tax by a vote of 13-four. "eyewitness news" reporter joe hold depth is live outside city hall with more on the beverages that be taxed and also reaction from both sides. joe? >> reporter: jessica, good evening. there were considerable hurdles reaching this point. now the average business owner tells us tonight that for 20-ounce bottle of soda, generally averaging about 1.69 to 1.89 you'll see 30-cent inn eye crease on that and he tells me tonight this one store owner in particular says that price, that hike, will be passed along to the consumer. a sweet reception for some. >> this is just the beginning. >> reporter: sour out come for
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others. >> do you really believe this was all about the kids? >> no! >> the move on taxing sugary sweet drinks passed city council by a wide margin. philadelphia is the first major city to do so. >> this is the first step in finding the resources and revenue we need to get our kids pre k education. >> reporter: close to $100 million is budgeted to pour in average. tax revenue sold in philly will fund parks, libraries and universal pre k but waiting in the wings a handful of legal challenges. >> if he science the bill today i would love to start the case tomorrow. >> reporter: labor union and beverage executive bristle at the new tax they expect to sue sooner than later. they couldn't 10 it stinks up discrimination and predict it could cost jobs. >> we're all disappointed, because it's such an aggressive tax against all the poor people in philadelphia. >> reporter: so what will be taxed on the list all sodas teas
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sports and energy drinks, bottled coffees and placed wat water. >> how about small mom and pop shop where you get your coffee every morning. what will happen to them? >> good point. >> it will be another hit. >> yeah. >> reporter: we add owner of foods on first in center city how he'll handle this tax. >> everything going to go up. that's crazy, you know. everything is tacked here in philadelphia we may so much taxes for everything. i think, you know, it's not fa fair. >> reporter: as you just heard lawsuits expected to start flowing almost immediately. their legal strategies tonight unknown at least not being revealed at this point. so safe to say this thing is a long way from being settled. we're live outside city hall, i'm joe holden cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> president obama consoled survivors in the families of those killed in the orlando massacre as the investigation intensifies. today we learned the gunman tried to buy body armor at a gun
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shop and sources say he was texting his wife during the rampage. all of this as we're getting a look at what happened during the attack. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos has the video from inside the club's bathroom and we do want to warn uh-uh might find it disturb. not everyone in that bathroom survived. >> reporter: thursday new video shows the terror, the pain those inside pulse nightclub experienced as they hood in the woman's bathroom trying not to draw shooter omar mateen's attention. >> we had to be quited. >> reporter: it was recorded while more than a dozen people squeeze flood one small stall. some already shot and injured sharing a glass of water and trying to keep calm. miguel recorded the video. >> everybody who was phone was ringing and any noise he heard he was going in that direction and just shooting people and killing them. >> reporter: he says the group huddled in fear for more than three hours. >> it was really hot in there. the smell of blood and just dead
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bodies everywhere. >> reporter: thursday afternoon, both president obama and vice-president biden visited a growing memorial in downtown orlando playing flowers one for each of the 49 victims. >> four days ago, this community was shaken by an evil and hateful act. today, we are reminded of what is good. that there's compassion and empathy and dee den see and most of all there's love. report roar both the president and vice-president also met with family members of those loft. including philadelphia native akyra murray. >> as you might imagine their grief is beyond description. >> while the dozens injured are recovering, including angel cologne now leading the officer the hero who removed him from almost certain death and brought angel to safety. >> i just saw his glasses.
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help me, please. and when he was dragging me out i would look up and tell him just hurry, please hurry, go, hurry. >> reporter: now while the first of the 49 victims was laid to rest today investigators are closely looking at what omar mateen's wife noor salman new and whether she should face charge. >> a lot more to come with that also greg you were in orlando this week you spoke with angel who we just saw in that piece his friend jason gonzalez from wildwood. how is jason doing. >> they were both in the club when the shots rang out. they both fell to the ground as you can imagine. jason got up and started running he realized his bend of friend was not behind him. fortunately both of them will be okay. >> what a nightmare, greg, thanks so much. in the wake of the massacre congress is set to take up a vote on new gun control legislation next week. senator chris murphy of connecticut led a nearly 15 hour filibuster on the senate floor last night pushing for a vote on two amendments.
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the first would block those on terrorist watch lists from buying guns. the second would expand background checks. republicans say fighting terrorism is not about gun control but democrats insist more attacks will happen without it. >> we know that terrorists are enlisting people here to kill people. we need to stop those people from buying weapons. >> you don't defeat terrorism by taking aware our guns. you defeat terrorism by using our guns. >> republicans have their own measure to block gun purchases by potential terrorists this would require additional action in the ports an extra step will ensure no unone with a right to i wasn't good is denied. new at 11:00 to the philadelphia school district now has a policy to accommodate transgender students. the school reform commission approved it tonight. under this new policy, students may use restrooms and locker rooms based on their gender identity. students may be addressed by names and pronounce correspon corresponding to their gender
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identity, and students may also dress in accordance with their gender identity. you can read that full policy at atlantic city's main cass zen know workers union authorizes a strike july 1st if contracts aren't reached before then. the casinos include bally's, harrah's, caesars, tropicana and the trump taj mahal. the union says workers made painful sacrifices that need to be reversed now casino revenues have increased. casino say they're committed to a fair contract that works for both sides. in campaign 2016, bernie sanders reached out to his supporters during a web address tonight. the vermont senator did not concede the nomination race, and did he not endorse presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton. but he did vow to work with clinton to transform the democratic party at the convention here in philadelphia next month. meanwhile, presumptive republican nominee donald trump held a rally in dallas. >> the major political task that
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together we face in the next five months is to make certain that donald trump is dee feted and defeated badly. >> we are going to make our country so great again. we are going to make it strong. we're going to save our social security and our medicare, which the others want to cut. we're going to keep our taxes and bring our taxes down instead of a massive increase that hillary clinton wants to do. >> today the clinton campaign began running ads in eight battleground states to reintroduce the former secretary of state to voters. those adds focus on clinton's work for families and children. bucks county homeowner may face charges after taking matters into his own hands to stop a suspected thief. police say it all started a little bit before 5:00 this morning at the woodland manor apartments in morrisville. a resident called 911 to report a car break in. then chased the thief who took off in a stolen car. the suspect crashed into a building on pennsylvania avenue and police say that's when the
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resident pulled up in his own car, drew his gun and shot him in the arm. morrisville police say that was not a good idea. >> don't take this into your own hands. let us handle it. call us. be a good witness. don't be, you know, don't go out there and do this. it's not worth, you know, anybody's life. >> the bucks county district attorney will decide whether to charge the man who fired the shots. the suspected thief was also taken into custody. a judge grants jerry sandusky a new date for his appeals hearing. the former penn state assistant football coach is seeking to overturn his child molestation convict. he's currently serving a 30 year prison sentence. judge john klee land ruled in favor of a petition by sandusky for hearing on a number of claims pertaining to ineffective counsel. whether defense lawyers should have called sandusky to testify. the hearings are set for august. jury deliberations resume tomorrow in pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah federal racketeering trial. jurors wrapped up day two of
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deliberations today. he's accuse accused of a rangina illegal $1 million campaign loan. then paying back part of it with federal grander money and charitable donations. his attorneys blame two political consultants who already pleaded guilty. tonight the family of a two-year-old boy killed by an alligator at disneyworld speaks out. we'll tell was they're saying and what officials at disneyworld are now considering in the wake of that tragic accident. kate? >> and you can see some very strong storms on going right now over virginia but this is all really missing us to the south. we will be drying out coming up i'll tell you when the sun returns and when temperatures could approach the 90-degree mark. and vittoria woodill work up an appetite with game bocce ball an outdoor sport imported from italy. where you can dine like you're on the mediterranean plus the
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tonight we're hearing from the family of nebraska toddler killed by an alligator at disneyworld. the graves family released this statement. it reads "words cannot describe the shock and grief our family is experiencing over the loss of our son. we are devastated and ask for privacy during this extremely difficult time. to all of the local authorities and staff who worked tirelessly these past 24 hours, we express our deepest gratitude ". on tuesday night an alligator dragged two-year-old lane graves as he weighed in shallow water at the grand floridian resort. an autopsy revealed the toddler died as a result of drowning and traumatic injury. no swimming signs were posted at the resort but no warnings about alligators. disney is now reviewing that. the cdc says three women have delivered babies in the u.s. with zika linked birth defects. three other women lost or terminated pregnancies because think their fetuses had birth defects from zika.
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in camden county officials say they want to keep their area free of mosquitoes carrying the zika virus, and to do that the mosquito commission regularly checks mow coat tow breeding grounds. officials you were residents to remove standing water where mosquitoes breed. philadelphia will soon have a new attraction to pay tribute to our country's earliest days. the museum of the american revolution just received a $10 million grant from philanthropist jerry lend fast. the one of its main attractions will be george washington's tent. it's set to open in april of neck year. bocce ball and brick ovens a combination made for tonight's taste with tori. vittoria woodill takes to us northeast philly restaurant where you can dine like you're on the mediterranean. ♪ >> reporter: leave your passport at home let's get a taste of the old country at cafe
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my al an jill low. this is italian style. dine inside our outside. it has everything to sooth your italian needs. >> outside dining. grape vines over the head. all the things you expect when you're overseas. >> you hear the mediterranean. >> i hear it. >> you can smell it too off of beautiful homemade gnocchi in vodka sauce and piping hot brick oven pizza. >> michael and angelo, came from it toll america in 1966 and as daniella his daughter tells us, they had one goal when they got here. >> they wanted a mace where they could hang out with their friends, where they can eat good food, where they could have a good piece of pizza. >> reporter: they built cafe starting with pizza and it continued to expand and now serves a slice of home for so many. >> everyone here came from somewhere else. and so for them to have a place that they can gather, a place
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that they can feel like family all around them, that's what we're here for. >> reporter: it turns out family was right under my nose. >> weary late. >> right, we are. >> we just found out weary lat lated. this is what happened. >> we're from -- >> how cool is that. >> i grabbed a few more of my cousins for game of bocce ball which is cross between bowling and shuffle board. your goal get closest to the white ball. i've got the closest ball here on my team. we got to step this up. >> ♪ >> veering, veering. that was great. >> red one is closer than the green one. so it disqualifies that. >> honestly i'm building up an appetite around here. anyone else back to the table for luscious homemade lasagna. you know how italians can be picky about their sauce. >> yes. >> your sauce is awesome. >> i don't know if it's because we're kind of related and doing the same things but wow feels like family.
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>> that sounds nice. looks delicious. >> that looks really good. kate is joining us now. looking good. i think things are looking good in terms of weather, yeah? >> this is great forecast. in fact, greg argos was just in here, whoo, look at that forecast. he like it too. beautiful weekend on the way. we just have to get the clouds out of here. >> okay. >> we have some showers lurking to our south at the moment actually pretty nasty storms rumbling through virginia this evening but they have all moved to the south. today actually the clouds and the rain worked in our favor. stabilized the atmosphere and so all the storms went where the heat was which was off to our south. and we missed it. let's take look what's happening right now. take you outside. to life look at center city philadelphia. still cloudy through the area and has been all night long. we did see a few breaks of sun in our north and eastern subur suburbs. but that was the best we got today. take a quick look at a time lapsed video. this on our neighborhood network from cape may courthouse and all day long it was gray, you can see the raindrops hitting the camera lense there. the afternoon cleared out little bit down the shore.
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you can see cape may courthouse did see some sun before the sun went down. and now the clouds are back in place. storm scan3 shows that rain. it is just lurking here, stage left, but it's not really getting into our region as we zoom out i'll show you what's happening much this big line of thunderstorms and pretty nasty storms with wind damage and imbedded tornadoes impacting portions of virginia all night long but that's where the heat was. that's where the storms are going. you can see the northern edge of this is going to clip portions of delaware overnight. just moving into kent and sussex county nothing severe just rain here. the severe weather is well down to the south. moving just south of richmond at the moment and some very strong winds with that boeing segment. so things could have gotten really nasty for us if these storms had been able to move in. if we little more heat, little more sun today the storms may have moved into our region. we didn't and therefore looks like it will miss us to the south. little rain over delaware overnight. tomorrow morning we start with cloud cover but watch how quickly the clouds disperse. 6:00 a.m. seeing some sun. by noon it looks like the sun out across the vast majority of
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the region and just a stray shower possible in the afternoon with some cool air a loft. then we've got sunshine. through the day on saturday. looks like a fantastic start to the weekend. so improvement. that's the key. the key word in the forecast here. 66 right now in philadelphia. it's 59 in atlantic city. 67 degrees in reading f you're headed down the shore this weekend, you want to pack a jacket because especially at night witness wind off the water it is going to feel pretty chilly out there. with that being said a great father's day weekend. overnight that shower possible to the south, 61 degrees in the city. gradual clearing for your friday clouds in the morning giving way to sunshine maybe isolated shower in one or two spots and comfortable with high near 80 degrees. here's your shore forecast for the weekend. morning shower possible especially in the southern shore points and the delaware beaches tomorrow morning. then some clearing at 73 degre 73 degrees. saturday 74. a great beach day foredated on sunday at 75. if you're celebrating dad in the city, it's a little warmer. but sunny and nice with low humidity at 84 degrees.
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great golf weather and it looks like the rest of the us open forecast they got rained out today but the weekend looks a whole lot better. take look at that stretch. friday, saturday, sunday, monday the start of summer looks great. then we're back to 90 on tuesday with a chance for a thundersto thunderstorm. look great. celebrating dad on sunday. don, we have eagle celebrat celebrating -- >> life. >> a huge contract. >> celebrating life. newly minted 100 million-dollar man fletcher cox talks about his new deal with the eagles and the fans in the stands out perform the phillies on the field. sports coming up next.
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all right. phillies are far from the best team in baseball, but at least they've been competitive for most of the season. however, tonight, got to be honest, it didn't look like professional effort. taking on the blue jays at home. and you know what, best plays were made by you the fans much this dude were you one handed grab fall bowel with a little
2:30 am
girl in his other arm fantastic. how about this guy? give me that souvenir. >> what is going on these last couple of days? >> what is going on? making it happen. meanwhile, the major leaguers they weren't as lucky top of the fourth, phillies down seven to nothing. tyler goodell lost it in the lights. runner comes in to score. it's eight to nothing. top of the eighth now. it's 10 to one. michael saunders fly ball to center. herrara does catch the ball, however, throws the ball into the stands only one problem, there was only one out. so the runner on first advances to third. it's not the end of the inning. they were not focused and the phillies lose 13-two. >> didn't like what i saw today. we've gone from seven over to seven under within about two week span. and i don't want -- i don't want to get what we did the first two months, i don't want to let that get away from us. i think we're better than what we played in the last two weeks,
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and i don't want that to slip away. i want the players to regroup and start all over. >> yeah, it has been rough. on to football knowledge fletcher cox just 25-year-old man with 103 million reasons to smile. earlier this week they signed him to six-year contract extension. last season cox had a career 9.5 sacks. he did while playing in defensive system that didn't utilize his skills. that will change this season when the team switches to four four-three scheme. cox spoke to the media today about his new deal. >> i looked at it as continue to humble myself and keep working, you know, towards, you know, um, keep working every day at practice, man. being a leader that this team is expecting me to be and show up every day and to work. it's really mind blowing just -- when wire dealing with that much money, it's really mind blowing. i'm really really excited about it. >> good stuff. the flyers will buy out the final year of aj umberger's deal.
2:32 am
the move eliminates 3 million from the salary cap next season. even though he was healthy he didn't play in 23 of the teams final 24 games. umberger is 34 years old. big night tonight for sister station sports radio wip. third annual phillies sports roast at the crystal tea room. angelo cataldi in the crosshairs lost dignitaries attendance included in the ticket price is a donation to coaches versus cancer here in philadelphia. good cause. >> very nice. >> guys look like they're having a good time. >> nice night to get out there and be out and about. we'll tell you why rittenhouse square was transformed i
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♪ friends of rittenhouse square transformed the park into a ballroom tonight. there was a lot of dancing at
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the 33rd annual ball on the square. this event brought together more than 400 community leaders and residents. proceeds from the black tie gala will be used to help maintain the park. our brook thomas and meisha johnson from "eyewitness news" this morning stayed up a little late to help support this wonderful cause.
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so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. our morning team is back tomorrow from 4:30 to 7:00. for kate, don, ukee ooh who is off and everyone here i'm jessica dean. you can always fine us at up next the late show with stephen colbert with demi lovato and nick jonas. thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid presentation for the nuwave oven pro, brought to you by the makers of the nuwave precision induction cooktop. stay tuned. to celebrate the amazing success of the nuwave oven pro, with


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